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IMPORTANT! Please make sure read the information below before starting your submission. Also important, please make sure your web browser is up to date to avoid gremlins.

To be eligible to submit to the Ignition Program, you and/or your play must meet the criteria below, otherwise we cannot consider the nomination.

Ignition 2020- Playwright Self Nominations
Ignition sets out to increase the ambition, diversity and quality of Australian playwriting by creating landmark works by resourcing significant play development in partnership with producing companies. 

Now more than ever, there’s a need to dream. We cannot succumb to reductivism. For the long game that will not be healthy for the sector. This project is an invitation into practical dreaming.

 In 2020 PWA, in partnership with companies, will commission and develop seven major new works with an intention to see each work through to production.

PWA will provide each selected playwright with a commissioning fee of $15,000 and a development/living stipend of $10,000 to help ‘buy time ’as they work on the development of the new play. Partner companies are also required to invest development and production costs.
PWA will invite producing companies to each nominate up to two playwrights and their works. Individual playwrights who meet the eligibility requirements can also nominate and have the option of also indicating an ideal producing company. 

The nominations will be considered by two independent playwrights, company Artistic Directors, and the PWA team.
To be eligible for consideration under this program, either self-nominated or nominated by a producing company:
• The playwright must identify as a First Nations or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse person; and/or
• The new work is specifically for young or regional audiences; and/or
• The work is an ambitious work of scale (we know this is ambiguous, but we invite you to think big). 

Any creative development normally undertaken as part of this project will take place online via Zoom or similar platform. Face-to-face activity will resume when it is safe to do so. We have adjusted our budgets accordingly.

Nominations close 11:5PM Australian Eastern Standard Time Thursday 7 May 2020

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.