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For young playwrights- The Max Afford Playwrights Award

The Max Afford Playwrights’ Award is offered by Perpetual and administered by Playwriting Australia. It was created “to promote interest in Australian drama and to encourage the writing of plays in Australia, to help and give incentive to young writers of plays.” The award is an initiative of the late Thelma May Afford, who in her will established a fund to offer a periodical prize in memory of her husband.
Malcolm ‘Max’ Afford was an Australian playwright and novelist. He was renowned for his stage scripts and radio plays which explored Australian settings and subjects through a macabre style of drama. He was survived by his wife Thelma May Afford who established this award to foster and support playwrights, while improving the public appreciation of young writing talent of Australia.
The total value of the biennial award is $30,000, which includes $15,000 cash to the writer and  $15,000 towards creative development with a director, dramaturg and a cast of actors.
To be eligible for the award the play cannot be produced, or scheduled for production before December 2020. It must be over one hour in duration. Plays that have previously received support from Playwriting Australia are not eligible, but you may resubmit a work. 

The Max Afford Estate have created this award to be given to a young playwright, to enable them to further their education in the field of drama, to improve their creative writing and, to improve the general public’s appreciation of Australian drama and playwrights. 

We have defined young playwrights to be between the ages of 18 and 40. It is also a requirement that applicants be a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.

The creative development workshop will be undertaken via video conferencing facilities between July and December 2020. If in the latter half of the year, if government advises that it is safe to undertake in-person activities, that option will be considered.

Please begin your application through this page. Please read the full guidelines NEED HYPERLINK before applying. 

Contact our Company Manager Michelle Kotevski e. michelle@pwa.org.au if you have any questions.
 All applications must be received by 11.59pm AEST Monday 4 May  2020

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