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We welcome citizens or permanent residents of Australia, of all levels of experience and backgrounds, to submit to our programs.

Please read the guidelines for each open program before submitting by clicking on 'More' below. Visit our website (click our logo above) for full details of our programs.

Ends on August 4, 2019

IMPORTANT! Please make sure read the information below before starting your application.

To be eligible to submit to the Lost Plays Program, your play must meet the criteria below, otherwise we cannot consider it under this program.

Lost Plays 2019- Script Development Program 

Playwriting Australia's script development program, in which writers will spend five days developing a work, will this year focus on “Lost Plays.” Since PWA’s founding in 2007, we’ve nurtured hundreds of plays at all stages of development. Many make their way to the stage, but just as many fall by the wayside, supported only part of the way or put aside in pursuit of a new work. Similarly theatre companies around Australia have commissioned many works which, for one reason or another, never got to production. We’re eager to rediscover the delayed or forgotten plays that have something critical, beautiful, fascinating, illuminating, terrifying (or all of the above) to bring to the stage. By developing these “lost plays,” we hope to shine a light on the difficult jump from development to production while unearthing forgotten gems. 

To be eligible to submit to the Lost Plays Program, your play must:

· have had development through Playwriting Australia; and/or

· have been fully commissioned by a professional Australian theatre company

· have been written between 2007 and 2017

· have never been staged and have no production outcome in progress

· is not under option with a theatre company nor encumbered in any other way in relation to licencing and rights.

As you consider whether this program is right for you and your play, we encourage playwrights to reflect on this question:

“Why this play now, at this time and in this way”? 

Submissions will be read blind by a group of your peers- playwrights from around Australia.

The program is open to Australian citizens and permanent residents. 

All applications must be received by 11.59pm EST on the published closing date, being Sunday 4th of August 2019.   

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